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I am conscious about keeping clean and safe and I need my clients to be just as conscious about their own hygiene in order for us to have the best experience together.

  • I use environmentally friendly cleaners, anti-bacterial and antiseptic cleaners, hand sanitizer, and even anti-fungal oils.
  • I limit my use of scented products and vacuum with a Dyson.
  • I bathe and wash my hands throughout the day and especially in between sessions.

I request that my clients arrive freshly bathed and, upon arrival, immediately wash their hands to prepare for our session. Hand sanitizer is also available for use.

Additionally, nails must be trimmed short on both on fingers and toes, and filed smooth to prevent scratching and infection.

Arriving fully prepared for our session means more time put towards play time and takes the pressure off me in keeping our community safe and happy.


Bath time with Nova